Following the long global pandemic impacted period, HTMi Switzerland’s focus is on student lifestyle, career, and education services, as well as our global growth platform on both culinary and hospitality education. Our renewed and media brochures are available for download at:


At our global centre, HTMi Switzerland, the following organisational adjustments are made, and more will follow internationally:

  1. The HTMi Education and Training Centre adds the Career Centre reporting to the Head of Academics, Jack Iveson, and managed by Anett Oroszi; to ensure a strong blend of holistic education, placements training, personal development, professional education, entrepreneurship, and with student career success our top priority. Amongst key success KPIs, is employer satisfaction.
  2. The Events Centre is rebranded to be Events, Lifestyle Services Centre reporting to the Head of Events, Anthony Lack, and operated together with the Events education expert Keith Howison with a renewed focus on the famous branded HTMi Events schedule both on campus and internationally. Student lifestyle events will be a primary focus. The Events, Lifestyle Services Centre involves all students in this important hospitality sector, and to support this, the centre will also coordinate the MIT programme, under the leadership of Anthony Lack.
  3. The Research Centre, involving all academic staff, reports to the Head of Academics and Research and Leadership Course Leader, Dr Carlos Oberli. The centre’s aim is developing our students to be thoughtful leaders, within the maxim of “Lead don’t Follow, Create don’t Copy”.
  4. The Culinary Centre and the diverse culinary operations on HTMi Campus will now be overseen by HTMi Culinary Group (Andy Kurfurst, Michelle Schuster, and Jack Iveson). Our culinary courses, in partnership with World Chefs, will now be carried out in the newly branded “Swiss European Culinary Institute”, controlled by the Culinary Group, with Chef Andreas Kurfurst heading the new brand development.
  5. The Student Services Centre is rebranded as Administration Services reporting to Nina Mueller, including admissions, purchasing, student permits, general administration, rooming, housekeeping, and maintenance.
  6. The International and Marketing Groups remain responsible for international expansion, partnership development and recruitment.

All centres report directly to CEO Ian Larmour and day to day coordination by an HTMi Operations Committee. After a short transition period, all centres’ operations will be fully in place by August 2022. The updated organisation chart is: