Compass Hospitality and HTMi Switzerland are pleased to announce the inauguration of their new partnership. This collaboration will provide new opportunities to students with a desire to work in the hospitality industry.

With a wealth of hospitality experience and a diverse portfolio of properties in the UK, Compass Hospitality is poised to take on this important role of guiding upcoming talent in conjunction with HTMi Switzerland, a renowned institution for producing leading hospitality professionals around the world with a high bar for academic and professional excellence.

Tiago Fernandes, Global Employer Relations Executive, HTMi; “With this move, HTMi continues to strengthen ties with Hospitality leaders worldwide, connecting its student body to global talent development possibilities. We thank Compass Hospitality for opening its doors to students who are ready to make an impact and become the next generation of hospitality professionals.”

This partnership aims to generate new and exciting internship and graduate placements for students at HTMi. Students will be provided a more accessible route towards working in hospitality, with open and direct lines of communication with members of the Compass Hospitality UK team across a range of properties. This partnership is further a reflection of the importance of nurturing students during their formative years in education, as well as providing an opportunity for them to directly step into a career in hospitality.

As the ongoing labour shortage continues to beleaguer the hospitality industry, both Compass Hospitality and HTMi Switzerland welcome this opportunity to provide enthusiastic and well-trained talent with a structured path towards specific hotels and operations where their skills will be directly applicable.

HTMi Switzerland have consistently provided students with the resources needed to become the next generation of hoteliers, through a strong education framework. Students of HTMi operate under a Swiss holistic education system that strives towards a clear mission for their students: “Come as a student, become a manager”. Through their internships and work placement opportunities, HTMi have consistently delivered on their mission to equip students with the skills and qualities that befits the dynamism of working in hospitality, as well as its accompanying demands for unyielding professionalism.