Following a return to full face to face teaching operations, we continue to make a difference by blending our online interactive broadcasting events, following on from the highly successful Global Student Forum.

On 29th April 2021 at 09:00 AM (Swiss Local Time), the very first HTMi Switzerland Virtual Open House was a groundbreaking success where we received registrations of over 250+ attendees, of which 150 were in attendance. The aim of this event has been to provide students with a unique opportunity to experience the learning environment, student lifestyle, on-campus facilities, student application process and academic performance. The vision of the event has been to engage with students directly through a personalised approach, as they would normally have in an actual open house event.

As pioneers of Swiss Hospitality Education, where HTMi Switzerland prides itself to the Leading Hotel Management Institute in the World, our motto ‘Lead, Don’t Follow. Create, Don’t Copy’, the response has been phenomenal. This event allowed over 35 nationalities to connect with HTMi Switzerland and experience a journey of international hospitality & tourism management with our excellent faculty members while having the opportunity to interact with them directly, as well as engage with our excellent students. This gave the attendees an authentic experience of Swiss Hospitality Education at its best.

In the light of COVID-19 globally, HTMi Switzerland has taken a leap forward to overcome challenges and provided every attendee with an experience that would provide them with a detailed overview of HTMi Switzerland campus, and its 6 Centres of Excellence.

The programs of HTMi Switzerland are industrially specific and prepare each student to become an exceptional manager, which is our motto ‘Come as Student, Become a Manager’. Through the exceptional learning facilities, faculty members and hands-on learning approach, we are confident that each student will exceed the industrial standard and employer expectations.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our global partners to join this excellent and unique HTMi Switzerland Virtual Open House Event, and we look forward to the 2nd edition. Stay tuned, more to follow.