“The Basics of International Protocol for the Hospitality Sector. Soft Diplomacy in the “New Normal”

HTMi Switzerland is pleased to announce that Dr. Thomas Sladko, Managing Director, ISPD Protocol & Diplomacy, Oman will be one of its guest speakers at our Global Student Forum taking place on 21st and 22nd April 2021. Dr. Sladko will be talking about “The Basics of International Protocol for the Hospitality Sector. Soft Diplomacy in the “New Normal”.

Dr. Thomas Sladko is Managing Director of the ISPD Protocol & Diplomacy Academic Institute, based in Brussels. He is a strategic communication advisor, external affairs researcher and expert in the bilateral and international protocol.

During his 15-year professional career, he organised more than 300 high-level events such as receptions, state visits, representative journeys, state funerals, speeches and cultural nights. Dr. Sladko has worked with more than 70 nationalities and served in Vienna, Lisbon, Brussels, New York, Rio de Janeiro and Muscat.

Dr. Sladko served as Deputy Head of Protocol of the Austrian Federal Chancellery for nearly 10 years. Previously, he worked for the corporate communications department of Lufthansa in New York and as a journalist for different publications in Brazil and Austria covering European Union, economy and society features.

The debut of his career was in the Capital of Europe, Brussels at the regional European office of Carinthia (one of Austrian regions).

As protocol expert, consultant and capacity building specialist, he served different European Agencies, governments and international organisations in reaching their higher standards in protocol and external communication. He was a leading expert in some of ISPD’s flagship projects for the Pentagon, the Dubai/UAE EXPO2020, Diwan of Royal Court Protocol of Oman, Frontex, PDO (Petrol Development Oman) among many others.

He is the author of various publications and articles such as “Protocol & Diplomacy Today – A collection of thoughts by leading experts” and Co-Author of the book “Soft Diplomacy -Modelling Global Interactions” adding to it various concept papers and research publications across industries.

Dr. Thomas Sladko holds Master Degrees in Communication Science & Philosophy and in Advanced Latin American Studies with specialisation in Protocol. In 2021 he was awarded the Honorary Professor Title in Soft Diplomacy of the California Church and University Institute. Dr. Sladko speaks 5 languages.

Anthony Lack, President of HTMi International Events Association