The analysis report for the period ended Jan 2021 is attached at this link  

94% of employers will rehire HTMi students 


Some Employer Adjectives used in student reference letters received (2020)


“Well-groomed, punctual, calm, respectful, team-player, organized, appreciated.”

Some Employer Feedback to the HTMi Career Centre (2020)


“Words cannot describe how grateful we are! Thank you so very much and we promise we will take good care of your students!”

Mr. Adrian Gheboianu, Chief Executive Officer at AspenExperience (Bucharest, Romania)


I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your collaboration during this year, your flexibility and trust, and we wish to continue collaborating together for many years ahead.”

Ms. Sara Riera, Human Resources Supervisor at Ritz-Carlton Hotel Arts (Barcelona, Spain)


“We appreciate the cooperation with you very much and consider it very valuable for our company.”

Mr. Thomas Schwendener, Quality and Process Manager at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz (Bad Ragaz, Switzerland)


“Looking forward to working together (again)!”

Mr. Salvatore Cesarano, Head of Schools Relations at Placement International (Barcelona, Spain)


“I must say I enjoyed working closely with you, and have many fond memories in your beautiful Sörenberg.”

Ms. Mayra Quintero, former Career Coordinator & School Coordinator at HRC International (Maastricht, Netherlands)


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