HTMi Switzerland is pleased to announce an international line up of guest speakers for our second Global Student Forum and International Research Conference taking place on the 21st to 22nd April 2021. We have the following guest speakers.

Ms. Kylie Thuyen, Human Resources Manager, The Grace Hotel, Sydney, Australia, a graduate of HTMi Switzerland
Dr. Thomas Sladko, Managing Director, ISPD Protocol & Diplomacy, Oman
Mr. John Lohr, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation Hosco, Barcelona, Spain
Mr. Fabrice Tessier, VP School Relations and Partnerships Talent & Culture, Accor, Paris, France

The forum will bring together a global audience of staff and students from HTMi Switzerland’s global hotel partners and institutes. The forum will allow the participants to think outside the box in creating an innovative concept for the hospitality and tourism industry.

The theme for the forum is “What source of innovation contributes to the salvation of the hospitality industry?”, which highlights the importance of innovation and implementation of initiatives in the hospitality industry, while striving for finding alternative solutions in business development and the post Covid19 pandemic era.

The event aims to enhance the advanced learning and innovation within all partnering hotels and institutions globally while setting a new industry standard through innovative business concepts.

Anthony Lack, President of HTMi International Events Association