Ms. Katherine Gikonyo, Kitchen Trainee at Sheraton Zürich Hotel

We have cherished Ms. Gikonyo as a valuable employee who has been deeply committed to her responsibilities and the company. She has extensive knowledge and experience in her field. She quickly found her way around new tasks and put the knowledge she had acquired into practice in an exemplary manner.

The amount of work and the results were perfectly coordinated. Ms. Gikonyo also worked with a great concentration in the face of great challenges and performed consistently. Under stressful circumstances, she reacted with the necessary security.

Ms. Gikonyo was proactive and fully committed to her area of responsibility.
Her actions were thoughtful and responsible. She made decisions with great expertise and without question. Ms. Gikonyo informed supervisors about her own area of work, forwarded important information in good time and involved superiors in difficult situations.

She supported the cooperation in the team, worked to balance different views and appreciated different opinions and justified criticism as a suggestion. Thanks to her friendly and helpful manner, Ms. Gikonyo was equally recognized by superiors, employees and our demanding international guests.

Ms. Gikonyo leaves our house at the end of her internship at the HTMi. At this point, we would like to thank her for her very valuable commitment and wish her all the best, well-being and much success for her professional and private future.

The doors of our house are always open to Ms. Gikonyo.