SHGI, Swiss Hospitality Group International – Appoints New Managing Director

We are delighted to announce that Vinoth Prakas is appointed Managing Director, SHGI, Swiss Hospitality Group International. Reporting to CEO, Mr Ian Larmour, Vinoth will focus on global business development plans for SHGI key brand: HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute. Vinoth will lead a team of business development, marketing and brand managers.

Following various successful roles mainly within HTMi, Vinoth will also manage government relations, and investor management for all brands within SHGI. This key executive appointment takes effect 1st July 2019.

SHGI Vision: To be a leader in nurturing and growing innovative Swiss hospitality brands.

SHGI Mission: To positively support the growth and quality of the hospitality industry.

On behalf of HTMi International Development Group and Swisstouches Hotels Vinoth key successes are:

As Director and Management Representative, established HTMi (Singapore) leading to 4 years EduTrust. As a member of HTMi International Development Group, he played a key role in establishing the following:

HTMi Australia;
HTMi Switzerland Dubai, and the ICO certification;
Swiss South Africa Apprenticeship Programme;
Partnership with Polytechnics Mauritius;
As HTMi Director established HTMi International Development Group Government Relations Dept.

Vinoth joins the board of SHGI.

SHGI will announce, further leadership, board and team appointments shortly.