HTMi Switzerland is the Swiss education and training centre representing the HTMi brand globally, and due to its excellent reputation and achievements, has grown to four HTMi fully branded campuses in Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai and Australia (Visit > Campuses), as well as key partnership campuses and “Sister Schools” in many other countries globally. This excellent multi- campus achievement is a result of all the efforts of HTMi International Development Group led by CEO / Managing Director Ian Larmour, Academic Director Bernie Quinn and Director of Diplomatic Relations Vinoth Prakas. The 2019 organisation at HTMi Switzerland to continue to develop quality and drive forward our ambitious vision of being a leading hotel management institute in the world is at this link: ( Moving forward, the international recruitment teams will now work under the leadership of Mr Ian Larmour and supported by many talented marketing managers. We will grow the HTMi Marketing Team to support our recruitment and through focused talent development programmes to support our new HTMi International Development Group. Moving forward, to further consolidate all admissions and partnership administration is now centrally handled in Switzerland, with our new Asia support office in HTMi (Singapore). Mr Rohit Bhatia has decided to set up his own independent boarding school in Switzerland (SIBS), and his focus will be there and his RIG India school in future.

HTMi Switzerland joins a growing brand family under Swiss Hospitality Group International, and more news on this group will follow, as well as more announcements about the development of Campuses globally. Moving forward our global ambition is to support a wider variety of service and other industry sectors, and to provide students globally more choices and study destinations within the rapid internationalisation of the global hospitality and tourism industry.