On behalf of everyone at HTMi Switzerland we congratulate the leadership, management and staff of our Sister Brand: Swisstouches Hotels and Resorts globally on 10 years of success.

Swisstouches is based on the beauty of the UNESCO biosphere Kanton Luzern, surrounding HTMi in Switzerland, and today we have a pipeline of 15,000 rooms globally, managed by thousands of employees.

Over the years, Swisstouches Hotels and Resorts has been competing favourably with the “big five” competitor hotel brands and outperform the market in each hotel location.

Swisstouches has won many awards including a prestigious Swisscham (China) award in 2013. Then, H.E.Federal Councillor, Switzerland, Schneider-Ammann, presented the award to Swisstouches CEO, Ian Larmour.

The Swiss Business Awards news release: “The Jury was impressed by the fact that Swisstouches Hotels and Resorts not only have successfully launched a new hotel brand in a foreign country but was also able to beat all financial targets in their first year of operation. With very promising growth potential and a clear focus on the “Swissness” of their brand, Swisstouches can become an important ambassador for the quality of Swiss hospitality in China.”

In 2018 Swisstouches formed a JV company with the Private Office of his Royal Highness Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, Dubai, forming a strong international growth platform. www.swisstouches.com

Over the years Swisstouches has hired many staff, students and graduates from HTMi, giving them accelerated career leaps, and we will continue to do this in future to support our sister brand HTMi Switzerland and its partners globally.

News release: HTMi Switzerland and HTMi International Development Group Corporate PR Dept.