Another HTMi Recruitment Week comes to a positive conclusion. Having been visited by prestigious local and international partners, HTMI’s students were introduced to diverse company portfolios and met with expert recruiters, increasing their knowledge of the industry’s standards and requirements.

The main visitors for this semester’s Recruitment Week were Placement International, Montage Hotels & Resorts, See- und Seminar Hotel Flora Alpina, A-Rosa Cruises, InterContinental Davos and HRC International, also representing top companies worldwide. The representatives of these companies showed great satisfaction with the level of professionalism demonstrated by the students and with the trainings they receive at HTMi, commenting on the importance of practical training as a necessary complement to the theoretical studies.

Likewise, the students were grateful to take part in all the presentations that took place and the interactions they had with the representatives provided them with very valuable insights into the actual trends and developments of the hospitality industry. The visitors inspired them to set new career goals and continue to aim for the top.

“It’s amazing that we are able to organise such an event twice a year to keep ourselves and our students connected with the industry and with top companies. We are always happy to receive Swiss and international partners who return to visit us and are continuously satisfied with our students. We thank everyone for their participation and we are already looking forward for the next Recruitment Week” – The Career Centre Team