From our large alumni group , so far we have more than 1000 HTMi members from all over the globe as part of the HTMi community on Hosco,  HTMi recognises this platform as a brilliant way for not only job opportunities but also premium connections, career advice and industry insights exclusively for our large Alumni. The ultimate way of reconnecting all the HTMi graduates all over the world starts right here on Hosco.


With the fast development of HTMi in all the corners of the world, students and graduates from every campus are now able to join the alumni network that has a lifetime worth. All the HTMi Alumni will receive further news about this, but in case you are still not a part of HTMi Hosco Alumni Network, you can get endorsed by clicking on the following link:


Overseen by the HTMi Career Centre, this is an extremely important HTMi platform with interesting content and excellent career opportunities. We are looking forward to reconnect with all the HTMi Alumni there.