We are delighted to announce that Chef Andreas Kurfurst, our Executive Chef and Head of Swisstouches / HTMi Culinary Centre in Switzerland opened our 2017 Swisstouches Culinary Development Conference to work with our experts from Swisstouches Hotels, China Division, to focus on delivering brand quality and consistency. We are delighted to welcome our Chefs to this Conference:

Swisstouches Hotel Xian
Mr. William Yang – Executive Chef
Mr. Luca Feng – Executive Sous Chef
Mr. Henry Wong – Chef de partie – Pastry
Mr. Nicky Chang – Pastry Chef

Swisstouches Hotel Nanjing
Mr. Ken Lu – Pastry Chef
Mr. Joe Li – Assistant Pastry Chef

Swisstouches Hotel Guangzhou
Mr. Tony Chen – Executive Chef