On Wednesday, 29.03.2017, the HTMi Career Centre has been invited for the five year anniversary of the B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa Zürich. HTMi  has been working closely with the B2 Boutique Hotel for two years already, having several students being placed in this amazing property. Moreover, the previous students have never disappointed and  were true HTMi ambassadors, strengthening even more the business connections.
We are proud of this collaboration and was a pleasure to attend this event! The Career Centre advice all the students to always be true ambassadors and follow the same high HTMi standards while in their internship, so we build and strengthen collaborations with the hotels, for the benefit of the actual and future students.
The Career Centre represented by Ms. Anita Fischer and Popa Dan, also organised a casual reunion with the students currently accomplishing their internships in Zurich. It was a real pleasure to meet and discuss the progress and challenges of each person and to bring some fresh updates from Sorenberg. We are really looking forward to organise more such reunion and to encourage the collaboration and communication between the students on internship and the HTMi Career Centre. We would like to share our appreciation to those students who joined this reunion and we wish them best of luck!
The Career Centre is very proud yet again to share more and more news each week. Best regards from all the HTMi team.