We are The Board Legacy Team – Dora, Nina, Vita and Dominik, we are proud to produce a strong performance at the EM Cup 2017 competing amongst 32 of the top European hotel schools. In particular, the team would like to thank the strong online support of HTMi graduates, students, and friends as we won second place in the team photo challenge. We would also like to sincerely thank our mentors Mr. Peter Robin, Mr. Charles Hains, Professor Russell Rimmer, as well as the great media support from Sam Caldwell.

So the legacy is now in place, and our team would like to wish great success to the next team of HTMi entrepreneurs going into the 2018 competition. We are honoured to be the pioneers.

Thank you very much for everyone’s help and support we are really proud to represent HTMi in the EM Cup in Maastricht 2017.

– Dora, Nina, Vita and Dominik, The Board Legacy 2017.