Vinoth Prakas and Mona Chen are both HTMi Switzerland graduates with BSc Degrees from University of Ulster. For the past year they have been part of the team successfully setting up HTMi (Singapore), and after a lot of hard work and dedication the HTMi (Singapore) team has been successful in extending its education license from 1 to 4 years. Both graduates have strong hotel operations experience, Mona worked with Marriott and Ritz Carlton in Dubai, while Vinoth has had various operational and development roles with Marriott and Starwood. Vinoth is now HTMi (Singapore) Director (Local), while Mona is HTMi (Singapore) Sales and Marketing Manager. HTMi would like to congratulate both of them on their success, and in addition Vinoth has just been appointed Director of Diplomatic Relations, HTMi International Development Group.

In the coming years this Graduate team will grow, and develop and inculcate events management, professional behaviour and entrepreneurial skills into the programmes at HTMi (Singapore)

Pictured: Vinoth Prakas BSc, Director (local) HTMi (Singapore), and Director Diplomatic Relations, HTMi International Development Group

Pictured: Mona Chen BSc, Sales & Marketing Manager HTMi (Singapore)

“Come as a Student, Become a Manager”