The HTMi Career Centre wishes to share yet another excellent update Cody Dulthummon our higher diploma student. Cody recently started her exciting Internship with the Western Snowmass Resort Colorado ( We all wish Cody the very best with her continued success with this new position and cultural learning, this will definitely be a valuable experience and add to her career portfolio. The Career Centre is very proud yet again to share more and more Internship and Graduate news each week. Best regards from all the HTMi team.


I hope that the HTMi family is doing well.

From my side, I am doing great. I am actually interning at The Westin Snowmass Resort in Colorado until December this year before coming back for my BSc in January 2017. I cannot wait to be back!

Concerning my career path, it all started in 2013 for my very first internship when I joined the Mandarin Oriental being a business hotel in Geneva as an F&B trainee at The Rasoi being a Michelin star restaurant. It was very hard for the very first job to be involved in such operations and to be able to exceed expectations of both guests and colleagues.

During my Diploma course, HTMi gave me the opportunity to get involved into the Basel World event. A banquet which involved into serving 600 people per night during a week. I was very lucky to see such an event. My commitment and involvement led me to encounter more knowledge about the industry.

After my Diploma I went to The Ritz-Carlton, Tenerife, Spain as a Guest Relation Agent. I also had a cross training in the housekeeping department. I learned a lot, this internship led me to be more extrovert. Self-learning was the main way in which we were being trained. I learned that the leadership skill ‘’do as I say’’ may not be appropriate to the Spanish Culture. From my point of view, The Ritz-Carlton Tenerife is succeeding in motivating subordinates by encouraging them in taking decisions and by empowering them. I found out that each culture implements a leadership skill in accordance to the upbringing of its society.

After My High Diploma I went to The Grand Hyatt Dubai as a front desk agent. I should say that my Dubai experience was the toughest one but I achieved in so many ways. It was a lot of pressure to cope with the heavy operation. Even though, I managed to be at the top being the Front Desk top performer for several months. Kindly find attached some pictures.

After finishing in Dubai I immediately joined the Westin Snowmass Resort where I have the opportunity to see the room division department from different angles.

From the very beginning my target was to experience different cultures of the world: encountering different customers and leadership skills.

As for my future plan, my mindset is to go 6 months in Asia, just after my BSc in the aim of accomplishing my objectives. From my perspective, accomplishing several internships where one is exposed in experiencing different cultures open doors to career development and opportunities in a faster pace.

I am thankful for all the opportunities given by HTMi to travel the world. I have the chance to experience different cultures and get know different societies. As for now, I have been able to go beyond my own expectations.

I owe all of my achievements to HTMi.