CONGRATULATIONS! The HTMi Career Centre wishes to share yet another excellent update that has been grown over 2016 to present day. The Zurich Marriott Hotel (…) on the bank of the river Limmat is one of the most prestigious properties in Zurich. It is well known for its impeccable service, delicious dining opportunities, and newly renovated rooms and suites. Not only is the hotel an excellent choice for both business and leisure travelers, but it also provides great internship and job opportunities. A handful of dedicated HTMi students were given the chance to be a part of this brilliant host family and to make the guests’ stay truly unforgettable.

Karen Ao, Dorottya Ruzicska, Valerie V. Georgieva, Dora Vajda, Sebastian Sardi, Jozsef Toth and Atul Rao are from different countries, at various stages of their studies at HTMi, and work at different departments of the hotel, but they have something in common: their willingness to learn more day by day and their pursuit to excellence. Karen’s charm sweetens even the earliest morning in the eCHo restaurant at breakfast; Dorottya and Valerie always take care of the guests’ wellbeing in the Executive Lounge with a smile on their face. If your room service order is delivered by Atul, you can make sure, your food is in the safe hands, and you will receive it in the shortest time possible. Dora, Sebastian and Jozsef work together as part of the Event Sales and Banquet teams, for well-organized and smoothly executed, successful events.

Even though work can be stressful sometimes, the amount of knowledge gained and a lot of fun make up for that multiple times. The students’ strive to learn, and their well-used, good set of practical skills do not slip the management’s notice. There is a great example for this is Dorottya, who was selected as ‘Brilliant Host’, Marriot Font of House in the month March 2016. This title goes to an associate who was found to be truly exceptional at his/her job. It is fairly rare for a trainee to be honored with this title, therefore we are even prouder of Dorottya’s excellent achievement.

The HTMi Career Centre is very proud yet again to share more and more Internship and Graduate news each week. Best regards from all the HTMi team.