HTMi is proud to announce that the 16th International Hospitality and Tourism Research Conference has successfully drawn to a close. The conference addressed the main theme of:

“Making a difference in hospitality and tourism practice”

which focussed on contributions of managers and leaders to an ever-changing landscape within the hospitality and tourism industry, and a tapestry of issues they might need to face in the future.

Over the course of two days, the conference brought together leading researchers from across Europe, HTMi faculty and HTMi students, to discuss issues facing the future of the hospitality and tourism. The conference had over thirty nationalities of young researchers in addition to internationally renowned academics and practitioners.

In total, four presentations and a series of poster sessions were delivered on the first day by invited keynotes, guest presenters and Masters students. The conference’s keynote speakers were Professor Stephen Boyd (Ulster University), Dr. Nadzeya Kalbaska from USI Lugano, Mr Zsolt Katona, a very successful HTMi graduate and HTMi’s own Chef Andy Kurfürst.

Overall, the conference was an exciting and stimulating event and presented many opportunities for discussion and networking amongst delegates, HTMi faculty and HTMi students. The 17th IHTRC Conference will take place in November 2016.