Grüezi from Zurich!

My name is Lilli Szabo and I am half Hungarian and half American. I am now managing my second internship in Switzerland. I have finished my Certificate and Diploma courses at HTMi and will be finishing the last two semesters in the upcoming year. At the moment, I am interning at the Zurich Marriott Hotel and absolutely love it.

The title of my position is Event Sales Coordinator, which means I am helping out and supporting the Event Sales department in any way needed. My internship includes lots of translating (German to English and vice versa) as well as being creative and coming up with different decorations or menu ideas for various venues. I also spend lots of time helping out at the Banqueting division for the events themselves and communicating with different departments in the hotel, to make sure the events go as smoothly as possible.

For those of you, who would be interested in a position like this, here are a few qualities I think one needs to master; German and English professional language skills, creativity, patience, being spontaneous, being open-minded, having time-management and organizational skills. For an Event Coordinator, communication is key. For a position like this you need to have very fine-tuned communication skills, whether it’s for internal purposes or for communicating with guests.

Working here has been an unforgettable experience thanks to the amazing team, the various challenges that I am faced with day by day and the new experiences I have had the chance to be a part of!