Our dear Chinese & Taiwanese Cultural Community,

We would like to personally thank you for a truly ENJOYABLE and OUTSTANDING cultural evening tonight. The entire evening was a great success. This was our 17th Chinese & Taiwanese Cultural Evening and we are constantly amazed at how much we learn each time about your beautiful and rich culture. Your idea of doing a traditional Chinese Wedding was incredible.

Mr. Anthony Lack was honoured that you asked him to be the father of the bride. As he said: “This meant a lot to me and I was happy to help you. I hope that one day I can enjoy a real Chinese Wedding in your country.”

The food was delicious and it was interesting that you did it like a wedding banquet. The performances were amazing and we really enjoyed the musical instrument placed by Oprah. The costumes and dress you all wore were beautiful and showed the rich and colourful colours of your countries.

Our guests from Hilton Hotels in the UAE as well as our guests from South Korea said that they appreciated the evening and really enjoyed themselves. It was a great send off for them.

We are truly proud of your achievement tonight and on behalf of everyone at HTMi, we thank you for your hard work and effort in making your cultural evening an amazing success.