Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Thomas Doan and I am from Vietnam. It is my pleasure to join HTMi in Spring semester 2011 to make my dream comes true. Moreover, after four semesters learning as well as developing knowledge and skills with great teachers, staffs and students from all over the world, I strongly believe that I make a right decision with HTMi.

My first and second semesters with HTMi were fantastic with the beginning steps to Hospitality industry from the range of Restaurant, Bar and Kitchen theories and practicing. Besides, I was selected for the Career Trip with the group of outstanding students to visit several 5-star famous luxury hotels in Rome – Italy. In additions, it was a really great opportunity for me to do my first and second internship at the typical Swiss boutique hotel – Savoy Baur en Ville, which is located in the heart of Zürich – Switzerland. I had been spending every single moment of the internships to learn and make my skills to perfection. It was unforgettable internships in my study life to work at one of the best thirty nine 5-star luxury hotels in Switzerland.

After my Certificate and Diploma semester, I decided to apply for Diploma of Manager in Training Program, which is the complex six months program of several cross training in different departments, for instant: Restaurant, Kitchen, Bar, Housekeeping, Duty Manager and Front Office. I had been trained and practiced my management skills in order to lead the students in various activities and duties. I did have strong support from my Manager in Training Team, teachers and staff to successfully complete the program with huge amount of knowledge and skills that gaining from the process of leading and supervising students.

The fourth semester as Higher Diploma was over my expectation, which is moving to another level of organizing events, activities and being prepared for my last year – Bachelor of Science. During my Higher Diploma, I had a once in my lifetime chance to work at Baselworld for Breitling, which are functioning dinners for more than 4000 guests.

At the moment, I am working at The Ritz-Carlton Abama, one of the biggest Ritz-Carlton property in all over the world and it is located in the tropical paradise Tenerife – Spain. It is a really big change for me from Swiss boutique hotel to the famous hotel chains in the world, such as Ritz-Carlton. I am working at the Los Chozos, the swimming pool side restaurant, which is located next to the Abama’s luxurious main swimming pool with the maximum capacity of 350 guests at the same time in high season. Moreover, I also have chance to work as restaurant M.B – two Michellin starred, which is the signature restaurant of the renowned Basque chef Martín Berasategui.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward for my last semester at HTMi as a BSc student in Spring semester 2015. This second home has given me wonderful opportunities for my future career and I did not regret when choosing HTMi as a place to build and develop my future.
Thomas Doan, Vietnam, Higher Diploma in International Hotel & Tourism Operation.