Hi, I’m Yena Jung who graduated HTMi back in 2010. It has been quite a few years after I complete BSc course. Currently, I’m working as Assistant Sales & Marketing Manager in Hotel Artnouveau in Gangnam district in Seoul, Korea. Gangnam is very active area that always many businesses are happening. There are various international organizations located in this district, and many of them are our clients. We have 226 rooms with 4 different types of room. We have classical style of room interior which is neo-classic. Thus, our hotel name is ‘Artnouveau’.

I have great memories with HTMi. Mr. Lack was always helpful to listen to new ideas and he kindly helped me to hold a Professional & Image event. Dubai trip was very impressive, too. I will never forget the time in Dubai and fun memories with friends.

My hotel job was started in Reservations department. However, I moved to Sales & Marketing department by General Manager’s recommendation. Mr. Um who’s our GM has been in Hotel Industry for most of his life and very great man as a general manager in our hotel. Also, I have talented hotelier colleagues like Front Office manager Mr. Lee. He worked in JW Marriott Seoul for more than 7 years. It’s very pleasure for me to learn from great colleagues. As Assistant. Sales & Marketing Manager, I’m doing my best to increase more business to Hotel Artnouveau. It is true that to increase hotel sales is tough. I daily check out occupancy, and I’m frustrated when the occupancy rate is not reaching the goal. However, it is also fun meeting various people outside, and make them friends to meet our hotel service. I have many guests who come to the hotel from different countries. It’s also fun to create some events and packages. To communicate with online agencies such as Agoda and Expedia is also important to increase room sales. To send out EDM, I also need to research some nice designed for the e-mail. We have designer and engineer in marketing team so they are helping to design promotional materials. They also take care of homepage design which is also important tool nowadays.

Now I’m learning every day in the real world, and I think that my experience in HTMi was very helpful. I wish good luck to all of you! :)