Warmest greetings from snowy Moscow!

My name is Roman Kuvshinnikov and I’ve completed MBA Hospitality Management course at HTMI in 2010. After returning back to Russia after a 6 months internship in Geneva I have decided to continue my career in hospitality in Sales & Marketing department.

For about a year I was responsible for promoting Lungarno Hotels Collection (Luxury hotels chain associated with Ferragamo brand) and then have started working for one of the most iconic and luxurious hotels in Russia – Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (Historical name Hotel “Ukraina”).

For about a year I was responsible for sales activities in government sector, however since I was always keen on everything digital, after couple of months I’ve been promoted and switch to E-Commerce & Digital Marketing. After leaving from sales I felt a little bit bored for the first time, since sitting in the office for the whole day was something I was not really used to do.

However, the new position opened a lot of new opportunities for creating new projects and working on them in a team of professionals. After a while I’ve started to literally love my job and enjoy every single day spent at work. Hotel “Ukraina” is not the only property in the holding, that’s why working for such a big company offered me plenty of opportunities for career growth & self-development.

With putting my right hand on my heart I can say that it would probably not be possible without HTMi, since creative thinking and ability to think outside the box are the most valued qualifications today.

Roman Kuvshinnikov

March 2014