I am Rajiv Nayar from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I am a former BA (hons) Graduate from HTMi. I am currently working with the HTMi on their recruitment in South East Asia. This job has given me the opportunity to travel around South East Asia and learn new cultures and meet a lot of new people.

My student experience at HTMi was amazing. I learned many skills in Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Hospitality Operations to equip me to face the ever challenging but yet fun hospitality industry. I will always remember my first day as a student in HTMi where I nervously walk up the steps of the beautiful Hotel Panorama, only to be greeted by some friendly HTMi staff.

It was a heart warming experience for me. During my recruitment in South East Asia, I was asked by a student about on why I talk with HTMi with so much pride. My reply was, It was an amazing school  and my late father’s last precious gift to me a “BRIGHT FUTURE”.

I will always be proud to wear the HTMi uniform.

Rajiv Nayar