Upon completion of Bachelor, BSc (honors) Degree from HTMi, thanks to the overseas recruitment opportunities at HTMi, I was selected to enroll in a one year Management Training Program in a country Club in Virginia, USA.

Everything was new to me when I first got there, the people, the environment, the culture and the working style. All of these inspired me a lot and that was really a unique and remarkable experience in my life.

Two months after coming back from the states, I joined my present company – Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre (HKBAC). Our company is Asia’s premier executive aviation support facility for those who own, operate or charter business aircraft. In 2009, we were voted Best Asian FBO for the 2nd consecutive year by Pro Pilot. I work as the Centre Manager ATWC overviewing the Business and Conference Centre services.

To all future managers in HTMi, do enjoy and treasure your valuable time at the school and I wish you every success in your career.

Best Regards,
Jasmine Wong
Hong Kong