My name is Fairman Ijai Muhingi for those who did not meet me during my school days at HTMi. Here are loads of greetings to the entire HTMi fraternity coming your way from Ole Sereni Hotel in Kenya.

It gives me pleasure to let you know that after my PG Diploma course, followed by the Train the Trainer program in 2007 at HTMi, I joined Constance Hotels and Resorts as a management trainee. Since March last year my traineeship has been very much appreciated by both the management of The Constance Lemuria Resort of Praslin-Seychelles. During my one year internship program here, the management opted to give me an opportunity to serve the Resort as the Night Manager, a responsibility that I assumed since January 2009. As the current Resort’s Night Manager I still look back to my Postgraduate Diploma & Train the Trainer program at HTMi with appreciation since it is the skills and experiences that I gathered at HTMi that helped me move around with ease and be on top of the other Trainees at my hotel in the Seychelles .

I have also been able to lead teams in what is known as Creative Thinking Teams (CTT) and Total Continuous Improvement Teams (TCI) in trying to get solutions to existing issues affecting the operation of the hotel. It would take me the entire day to expound on my experiences there; but my aim is to let you know that I still appreciate every single skill, experience and knowledge got during my one-year at HTMi. I am now the Duty Manager for Ole Sereni Hotel in Kenya.

May God bless and keep you well!

Fairman Ijai Muhingi