Certified Professional Foundation in English for the Hospitality Industry

Programme Objectives and Courses

Programme Details


17+ years old. High School Certificate. Students who have an IELTS level from 3.5 to 4.5 will be enrolled for now or two 10-weeks blocks of English Foundation levels 1 and 2.


20+ years old. Students hold a Bachelor (Ordinary) Degree, a Postgraduate Diploma or a minimum three years suitable experience and have suitable academic qualifications. Students who have an IELTS level of 4.5 to 5.0 will be enrolled for one or two 10-week blocks of English Foundation levels 1 and 2.

Students who successfully complete the programme will be able to continue with:

The Certified Professional in Hospitality Operations
The Certificate in International Hotel and Tourism Operations
Postgraduate Diplomas (International Hotel and Tourism Or International Hotel Events Management)

Fees (Swiss Francs)

CHF 850 per week (CHF 17,000 per 20 weeks semester, CHF 8500 per 10 weeks)


  1. Fees include tuition, standard accommodation, food and Down Payment.
  2. Standard accommodation is twin sharing in a standard room with a washbasin and shared bathroom

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