CONGRATULATIONS to HTMi Switzerland Team – Top Swiss Hotel School in European EMCup 2020

HTMi would like to congratulate our students Martina Leep, Renee de Bruyn, Rakiya Akimalieva, Adnan Kulenovic and Dan Nguyen for showing outstanding professionalism and dedication and upholding the highest HTMi standards during the whole competition. Thanks also to the coaches Mr. Anthony Lack and Mr. Tudor Campan for their leadership and guidance of the team in reaching the final of this great competition milestone. We look forward to the next EMCup 2021 competition.

HTMi Switzerland is very proud to announce that for the second year it came within the top 9 European hotel schools during the EMCup 2020, also ending up ahead of Swiss Hotel Management Schools in both the second round of 18 schools in the debates round and finally to the final stage of nine schools. 36 hospitality schools from 17 countries with more than 180 students participated during two exciting competition days in Maastricht. HTMi Switzerland was the winner of the first sales pitch amongst four hotel schools in their jury room. Another outstanding achievement was that team member Adnan Kulenovic was the overall “Winner of the Resume Application Award” amongst approximately 180 students announced at the gala dinner.

The EMCup is the annual competition amongst the best European Hotel Management Schools and offers students the chance to make a difference with their visions and ideas. It was also a marvellous opportunity for students to network with industry professionals from leading hotel companies and discuss jobs. The students were judged by a Business Jury, consisting of more than 70 hospitality professionals from 42 different companies. These companies were amongst the leading hospitality companies such as Hilton, IHG, Leonardo Hotels, Kempinski Hotels & Resorts, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, HRC International, Heineken, Student Hotels, Sea Containers London and many more.

The 12th edition of the EMCup was held in Maastricht, The Netherlands on the 16th & 17th of February 2020. This year’s theme is “Battle of the Brands – Will Hotel Chains Survive, in the Battle for Guest Loyalty?”

Some Detail :

The teams of students conducted several assignments prior to the competition. They had to set-up a social media campaign to increase brand awareness on the EMCup and its theme. Besides that, the teams had to write an academic paper, which was graded by the Business Jury members and needed to create a one-minute video and team photo highlighting the team and this year’s topic. The teams pitched their academic paper during the competition days. Furthermore, they worked on a second pitch as well, where they were given 40 minutes to prepare for. Based on the results of all the previous elements the top 2 teams of every jury room were part of the ranking of the top 18 where they had to battle it out during the debates round. From the debates the top 9 schools received the opportunity to elaborate on their case in the grand final sales pitch to a large audience.

Anthony Lack – Head of Events Education and Planning


Celebrating Valentine’s Dinner at Swisstouches Fine Dining Restaurant

On Friday, 14th of February 2020 the Events team with the help of service and kitchen teams organised one of the very special dinners of the year, the Valentine’s Dinner. The students had the chance to share their love and friendship in a magic atmosphere in the Swisstouches Fine Dining Restaurant accompanied by a themed menu, sophisticated drinks and live performances.

Special thanks to the amazing kitchen team, volunteers and service team lead by Madam Schuster.

HTMi Centre for Events Management, February 2020


Swiss Cultural Evening at HTMi – Spring 2020

Thank you to the staff members and MITs for organising a fantastic Swiss Cultural Evening.

Following a first week full of activities, the HTMi students had an opportunity to discover the real culture of Switzerland through an interesting presentation and delicious Swiss cuisine while experiencing the famous Swiss Alphorn instrument.

It is a tradition at HTMi to organise each Friday a Cultural Evening, where the students are showcasing their fascinating cultures through presentations, local traditions, entertainment activities and authentic cuisine. We are all looking forward to the upcoming cultural evenings!


HTMi Review of 2019

2019 was an outstanding year for HTMi.

We recorded the highest academic results ever at Bachelor Degree level (7 first-class honours, and 20 second class upper division at BSc level in one cohort in our Summer Exam Board); first Swiss Hotel School to: open in Dubai; achieve an ICO from KHDA; achieve 4-years EduTrust in Singapore; launched a large Certified Professional Programmes within a hotel chain; our student team reached the top 6 in the EM Cup; launched the 42nd edition of our online student journal; held our 23rd Research Conference at HTMi; successfully supported the Swiss South African Apprenticeship Programme to get South African youth into work in the hospitality industry; continued to record very high employer satisfaction levels of our students at work; restructured as a global organisation with key campuses in Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai, Bahrain, Australia, and 20 other partnerships globally; and recorded over 2000 students studying our courses annually. Here are the highlights:

January : HTMi Switzerland Dubai was launched at a signing ceremony at the prestigious No 1 Sheik Zayed Road city location. This is the first and only Swiss Hotel school in Dubai with a beautiful city campus.

To strengthen our international leadership Bernie Quinn became International Academic Director of HTMi International Development Group.

February : we entered the EM Cup in Maastricht with an elite team, ended up in the top 9, and from Switzerland only HTMi and EHL (Ecole Hotelerie Lausanne) made it into the finals. Finally, we are place number 6 in Europe, number 1 in Switzerland.

HTMi Switzerland awarded another 3 years accreditation of the Swiss EduQua qualification, and that accreditation was awarded to our Centres of Excellent in research, events, culinary, career, academics and culinary centres. This reaccreditation marked a series of many successful re-accreditations in 2019.

March: Our sister brand Swisstouches Hotels and Resorts, originally launched by HTMi, celebrates 10 years of excellence. and today we have a pipeline of 10,000 rooms globally, now managed by thousands of employees.

HTMi Research Centre Launches Volume 1 2019, the 42nd edition of the International Hospitality and Tourism Student Journal.

April : SSHAP, Swiss South African Apprenticeship Programme – Launched, a first in the industry designed to put thousands of young South African unemployed to work in the hospitality industry. This initiative was launched through a combined effort of the Swiss Embassy in South Africa supported by HTMi, and the NBI, National Business Initiative South Africa. SSHAP is based upon the famous Swiss dual system. HTMi was the hotel school selected to do this and now is the proud SSHAP partner.

HTMi Switzerland receives the ICO from KHDA Dubai, giving us the recognised authority to award our diplomas in Dubai.

HTMi restructured with the new strategic tactic of “HTMi Switzerland Moving Forward”, HTMi Switzerland became the Swiss education and training centre representing the HTMi brand globally, and due to its excellent reputation and achievements, has grown to four HTMi fully branded campuses in Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai and Australia as well as key partnership campuses and “Sister Schools” in more than 20 countries.

HTMi (Singapore) Team Secures Four-year EduTrust Award, after 3 years of hard work and again HTMi is the first-ever Swiss hotel school to do this

May : we announced SHGI – Swiss Hospitality Group International, with a Vision: To be a leader in nurturing and growing innovative Swiss hospitality brands. with membership benefits to all HTMi branches and affiliates globally; Careers at Swisstouches, International study, training and employment pathways, Lifetime membership of our global Hosco platform, participation in global recruitment forums and more.

HTMi Switzerland celebrates 22nd Student Research Conference, cementing our position as a leading member in student research.

June : Ulster University and HTMi Celebrate 15-years Partnership.

July : HTMi Switzerland continues international expansion, forming a new partnership with SEGI Colleges Malaysia.

Berne Quinn, HTMi International Academic Director, was recognized as a Principal Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy (PFHEA). The recognition is of his own personal attainments against the ‘UK Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Learning Support in Higher Education’.

August : Following the University of Ulster BSc (Hons) Examination Board we were delighted to announce our highest level of academic results ever. From a BSc student cohort of 30 students, we recorded twenty 2:1 (second class upper division) and seven first-class honours awards. This record-breaking set of results puts the bar at a new height of excellence
September: HTMi Switzerland launches its first Certified Training Centre within hotels at Swisstouches Hotels and Resorts, launching HTMi Professional qualifications within the hotel industry.

November : Marriott International Asia Pacific visits HTMi (Singapore), and launched a global online recruitment from there for HTMi and all its partners globally.

Academic Leadership. HTMi Welcomes: Professor Emerita Bamber to the HTMi Academic Board. Roni is Professor Emerita of Higher Education at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, and is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy; and a new external examiner Jane Welbourn with over 15 years’ experience as an academic and leadership and development consultant working at Leeds Business School, Leeds Beckett University.

SSHAP Graduation; launched early in 2019 we went all the way to our first graduation. H.E. Swiss Ambassador to South Africa, Dr. Nicolas Brueghel, presented the HTMi Certificates to the first cohort of Apprentices, who successfully completed the dual system apprenticeship programme in leading hotels in Johannesburg. The second group of apprentices is now being selected, and a scaling-up plan is in progress.
HTMi Switzerland holds the 23rd International Research Conference. The theme of the conference was “Gastronomy and the importance of sustainable food policies”, followed by our “Out of this world Gala event, highly praised by many members of the diplomatic Corps.

December : HTMi expands in China, since its launch in October, with 603 students enrolled in HTMi certified professional hospitality courses jointly awarded by HTMi and Swisstouches.

HTMi Switzerland Dubai holds its first graduation for Emirati students.

Carlos Oberli, HTMi Lecturer, obtains his PhD from the University of Glasgow.

Employer satisfaction: HTMi announced continued very high employer satisfaction results through HTMi’s Career Centre key objective for all students is “High Employer Satisfaction”. HTMi sees this as the key barometer of its reputation with employers. During 2018 and 2019 HTM’s Research carried out qualitative and quantitative research by analysing the content of employer references given to students, and work evaluations required by HTMi. This research also looked at the progression over time. The key results are: HTMi students are held in high regard by employers, with 86.3% of employers took the time to provide personalised references, while the rest were generic. The most common forms of feedback recorded in employers’ references mentioned “independence, flexibility, politeness, punctuality, appropriate grooming, honesty and integrity,” the words “to our full satisfaction” and similar endorsements of HTMi students appear in over 80% of reference letters. 68.2 % of employers specifically mention in the references that they will in future be ready to rehire the students. HTMi provided all employers with a Likert scale and key criteria to rate overall satisfaction, the result is 5.3 overall out of a maximum 6. Overall 88.3% satisfaction level.

We announced our 20th anniversary in Switzerland, 1999-2019, and the relentless pursuit of our Vision: “To be a leading hotel management institute in the world” We started in 1999 with 16 students, and today we have over 2000 globally studying our diplomas and growing with full force.


Congratulations to HTMi Bahrain

The 2019 graduation was recently attended by senior Vips from Bahrain and the Swiss government, the hotel industry and HTMi Switzerland.

HTMi Bahrain has become a highly successful model of employability for all graduates, and we will announce an education development plan in early 2020.

Congratulations to all graduates.


HTMi Christmas Dinner Fall 2019

The magical Christmas season debuted at HTMi Switzerland with the traditional Christmas Dinner.

On Friday 6th of December 2019 the staff members teamed up with the MiTs to organise one of the most awaited and special meals of the year – the Christmas Dinner. Fabulous food buffet, jolly service and great performances have been carefully prepared to bring the Christmas spirit to the HTMi campus. A special moment was represented by the visit of the “Samichlaus und Schmutzli”, which is a unique tradition in the Entlebuch region of Switzerland, which the students loved the most.

Special thanks to all the staff members and the MiT team who supported this great evening and we all wish a Merry Christmas and a nice and warm holiday season to all our students.

HTMi Centre for Events Management, December 2019


“Lost in Space at HTMi” the 26th International Gala Event Fall 2019

The 26th International Gala Event, held on Friday, 29th November 2019 is one of the most important events organised by the Higher Diploma students under the leadership of the Centre for Events Management at HTMi. During this semester our current Higher Diploma class succeeded in planning managing and executing an unforgettable evening enjoyed by highly respected guests from international embassies to Switzerland, industry partners, the local community, staff members and student body. For one day HTMi was turned into a galaxy where the guests were “Lost in Space”.

Upon arrival guests found themselves in a rocket taken off to Space surrounded by beautiful created planets enjoying the galaxy full with starts accompanied by astronomic canapés and a glass of champagne. The next journey was awaiting inside the newly renovated Alpine restaurant where guest were directed to by the Design and Decoration team forming a path along the red carpet holding sparklers illustrating the move through the milkyway. Finally arriving to the final destination, the guests were “Lost in Space” experiencing a gourmet five-course dinner, entertained by Kira and her little brother’s (Emmet) story. During this magical evening the entertainment team provided guests with theatre, dancing and music from the one and only HTMi live band.

The HTMi Events Centre would like to thank all the ladies and gentlemen of HTMi for their hard work, dedication, commitment, support and tireless effort in making this International Gala Event such an enjoyable, successful and memorable evening. A final thank you goes to Chef Andreas Kurfürst, Chef Oliver Künzli and their team of culinary chefs, Madame Michele Schuster, Food & Beverage Manager and Mr. Sergej Jezelev, Operations Manager for their constant and incredible support.

This semester HTMi was proud to support “UNICEF-for every child”. Where the organisation staffers fight for the rights of every child seeking safe shelter, nutrition, protection from disaster and conflicts, and equality. During the evening a blind bidding followed by an auction was held to raise much needed funds and we would like to thank you sponsors of the Kempinski Hotel Budapest, Monastery Boutique Hotel Budapest, Bellezza Coiffeur & Nail Sörenberg, Hotel Villa Honegg and Bürgenstock Hotels & Resorts for their donation of prizes.

HTMi Centre for Events Management, December 2019


News Release – HTMi Switzerland’s Successful 23rd International Research Conference

HTMi Switzerland saw the closure of another highly successful 23rd International Hospitality and Tourism Research Conference that took place took on place 21st and 22nd November 2019 at our campus in beautiful Sörenberg. The theme of the conference was “Gastronomy and the importance of sustainable food policies”.

The dynamics of the hospitality and tourism industry are shifting rapidly. As the sector strives to become more sustainable, there is a need of more research in the area. Leading by example, the 23rd International Research Conference organised by HTMi focused on gastronomy and sustainable food policies. Over 110 students and staff met last week to discuss, share and work together on this vital topic. Renowned industry leaders and academics well versed in sustainability practices joined the students and staff.

Dr. Sinead Furey of Ulster University, Northern Ireland also contributed to the sustainability theme with an excellent presentation that explored the various facets of food poverty and offered some interesting solutions that had the audience thinking further about food waste.

Mr. Beppo Buchanan Smith of Ardfin Consultants Scotland spoke of the challenges associated with setting up a new 5 star luxury hotel that has just been built on a remote Scottish Island. Mr Buchannan Smith spoke of licensing issues, development of a new brand, marketing, recruitment and a myriad of other associated challenges.

Mr. Cesidio I Ciaccia – introduced us to an ambitious regeneration programme that he is leading in the town of Picinisco in the Lazio region of Italy. He showed us how a centuries old building could be redeveloped to suit contemporary needs to set up a school of gastronomy and redevelop indigenous grapes to produce a range of top quality wines.

Ms. Mattie Yeta, Lead on Sustainability, of the UK governments DEFRA (Department for the Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs) spoke passionately of Sustainability issues and how we as individuals can make a difference in our daily lives that will provide a collective impact on some climate change concerns.

Mrs. Anita Robbin lecturer in home economics in Switzerland spoke of a backpack for life and her discourse explained how young people can be taught better ways to manage their food, cooking and reduce waste. This was a thoughtful presentation that made us consider the efforts made to produce some foodstuffs that are not sustainable and the message was, its not too late to change our eating habits.

The conference also gave our MSc. and BSc. students the opportunity to present their own research topics to an audience of international academics and industry professionals. We would like to thank all our guest speakers and our BSc. and MSc. students for creating an inspiring and educational environment to learn more about the combination between research and the hospitality industry.

Bernie Quinn, PFHEA, HTMi International Academic Director, November 2019

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