She said YES! – Wedding Event Fall 2020

Two hearts became one and it’s time to have fun. Because She Said YES!!

For the first time ever, on 7th August 2020, the HTMi Wedding Event proposal took place in one of the finest location of Sörenberg, the Rossweid Lake. It was a remarkable dining experience in a breath-taking scenario for Lukas and Paulina, who are the wedding couple for this unique event at HTMi. Congratulations to them!

Following this, the wedding couple is inviting all the HTMi students to celebrate their love during the Wedding Event taking place on 2nd of October 2020.

A special thanks to the Diploma class, kitchen, media and events team for the amazing support with this unique outdoor catering and we are all very much looking forward to the Wedding Event!


HTMi Global Student Forum 2020: 11th – 12th November

HTMi Global Student Forum 2020: 11th – 12th November

International Hospitality and Tourism Research Conference
(Contemporary issues in hospitality and tourism)

Innovation Challenge – “Lead don’t follow, create don’t copy”
(Create a leading hospitality or tourism concept)

Bringing together all HTMi students globally.


Swiss Cultural Evening – Fall 2020 – Our events season has started!

As the first week of our new semester comes to an end, we warmly welcomed all students to the traditional Swiss Cultural Evening at HTMi. We would like to thank all the students for joining us in this event and to the staff members and the Manager in Training team for introducing the Swiss culture. Cheese Fondue, Raclette and the Swiss Alphorn have been the highlights of the evening. Our events season has started!

We are all looking forward to the upcoming cultural evenings!


Virtual Reality Graduation @ HTMi, KSIT Kazakhstan

Virtual Reality Graduation @ HTMi, KSIT Kazakhstan

Congratulations to the latest group of HTMi / KSIT graduates in Kazakhstan.

The event planned by KSIT Director Galiya Utebekova, and HTMi Head of Events Education, Mr Anthony Lack: it started off virtually in HTMi Switzerland with the awards being handed over by video link to each graduand, then handed to a Swiss Postman in reality (assisted by DHL), then couriered to KSIT Kazakhstan to be really handed out to the graduands (pictured).



Cocktail Championship Summer 2020

Here are some of the fantastic concoctions by our mixologists at the Cocktail Competition Summer 2020:

Kinga’s Signature Cocktail
Good Morning Palinka

Paula’s Signature Cocktail
Dracula’s Elixir

Lily’s Signature Cocktail
Stormy Wave of Emotions

Agnia’s Signature Cocktail
Indonesian Sling

Tessa’s Signature Cocktail
Dusk Till Dawn

Joanne’s Signature Cocktail
Blue Skies Ahead

And the evergreen classics: Mojito, Whiskey Sour, Moscow Mule, Mint Julep, Caipirinha

“Lead Don’t Follow, Create Don’t Copy”

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