Enjoy the magical International Gala Evening

Following our HTMi culture of “Lead don’t follow, create don’t copy”, the Higher Diploma students together with the HTMi Centre for Events Management Training Switzerland are excited to announce the theme of the next International Gala Evening.

The International Gala Evening is one of the most important events organised at HTMi and as part of their course the students are required to plan, manage and execute a banqueting and entertainment event for external guests and HTMi partners. Guests from international embassies, partners and local community are invited to join an unforgettable evening which will take place on 29th of November 2019. The theme of the 26th edition of the International Gala Event is “Lost in Space”, and guests can expect to enjoy a magical and spectacular evening with planets, stars and astronauts.

Linked to this event is our request to make a difference in someone’s life by contributing to diverse charity activities. All charity initiative earnings will be donated to the chosen charity organisation: UNICEF For Every Child.


HTMi Switzerland Announces EMCup 2020 Team

HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute congratulates Martina Leep (Hungary), Renee de Bruyn (Netherlands), Rakiya Akimalieva (Kazakhstan), Adnan Kulenovic (Croatia) and Dan Nguyen (Czech Republic) for being selected to represent HTMi at the European Mise en Place Cup in February 2020 in Maastricht, Netherlands. The team will be coached under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Anthony Lack and Mr. Tudor Campan. This will be HTMi’s fourth involvement in the competition. In the 2019 competition HTMi achieved sixth place out of thirty-six international hotel schools and in 2020 we hope to better that ranking.

The EMCup is an annual competition amongst the best European Hotel Management Schools and offers students the chance to make a difference with their visions and ideas. The theme for the 2020 competition is “Battle of the Brands – Will Hotel Chains Survive, in the Battle for Guest Loyalty?”

We wish them the best of luck and success at the competition and showing the world the HTMi spirit of hospitality.

Anthony Lack, Head of Events Education and Planning

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HTMi Switzerland Announces EMCup 2020 Team

“The Greatest Show at HTMi” the 25th International Gala Event Spring 2019

The 25th International Gala Event, held on Friday, 10th May 2019 is one of the most important events organised by the Higher Diploma students under the leadership of the Centre for Events Management at HTMi. During this semester our Higher Diploma class had the challenge to organise their event in a marquee welcoming guests from our local community, industry partners, staff and student body. For this special evening the theme of “The Greatest Show” was chosen to turn HTMi for one day into a remarkable circus. The highest standards of hospitality shown by the HTMi student body left the guests highly satisfied.

Upon arrival, guests were welcomed on a red carpet and admitted into a magical “Circus” entrance area accompanied by canapés, a special candyfloss topped champagne, complete with clowns and fortune-tellers. Thereafter, the guests were led into a magical marquee transformed into a circus styled décor and design and treated to a gourmet five-course dinner, ending with our traditional and famous Dessert Buffet. Throughout the evening many performances created a festive atmosphere, entertaining guests with magic, singing, dancing and entertaining games to make it a night to remember.

The HTMi Event Organizing Committee would like to thank all the ladies and gentlemen of HTMi for their hard work, dedication, commitment, support and tireless effort in making this International Gala Event such an enjoyable, successful and memorable evening. A final thank you goes to Chef Andreas Kurfürst and his team of culinary chefs, Madame Michele Schuster, Food & Beverage Manager and Mr. Sergej Jezelev, Operations Manager for their constant and incredible support.

This semester HTMi was proud to support the “David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust”, an organisation dedicated to the world’s most successful orphan rescue and rehabilitation program for elephants and rhinos in East Africa. During the evening an auction was held to raise much needed funds and we would like to thank you sponsors of the Intercontinental Hotel Davos, Mövenpick Hotel Zürich Airport, Bellezza Coiffeur & Nail Sörenberg and Mery’s Imbiss Schüpfheim for their donation of prizes.

HTMi Event Organizing Committee, Centre for Events Management, May 2019


HTMi Students supporting Basel World 2019

Following on previous successful collaboration, HTMi Career Centre has been contacted once again by Planitswiss to support Basel World 2019, the world’s largest luxury watches and jewellery show.

This year our students got the chance to work with the popular watch brand Citizen, which introduced new products for 2019 under the theme “We Explore Time” with an installation designed by Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects in Tokyo.

HTMi would like to congratulate our ambassadors who have participated in this prestigious event: Ms. Paula Toma, Ms. Lok Yiu Lee (Yoyo), Ms. Linda Phanova, Ms. Aizhan Kozhonova and Ms.Yanan Ji (Alaia). They all carried out their duties with high standards of professionalism leaving the guests and event organisers with great impressions. Consequently, another invitation for collaboration have been already extended by Planitswiss for next year.

HTMi Career Centre would like to thank Planitswiss for the collaboration and for providing our students with such a great experience and we are all looking forward to Basel World 2020.


African Cultural Evening – Spring 2019

Thank you to the staff and students from Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius and South Africa for organising an amazing cultural evening. The student body were given an insight into these fascinating cultures and customs through presentations and videos, delicious cuisine from each of the four countries and were entertained by a traditional African dance performance.


“Bohemian Wedding Event” organised by the Centre for Events Management Training

On Friday, 15th March 2019 the Centre for Events Management Training together with the Diploma Class of Spring 2019 organised and planned another very successful wedding event. Over 50% of a hotel’s Food & Beverage revenue is generated from weddings, banquets, events, meetings and catering and at HTMi we place an important emphasis on event management at all levels in order to prepare our students for the exciting and challenging world of hotel events management.

As part of their events management course, our second year students were tasked with the organisation, planning and management of our bi-annual Wedding Event. The event allows the students to gain necessary knowledge and experience in the management of a hotel event and give them the opportunity of using their theoretical knowledge in the classroom by putting into practise and develop their leadership skills and use many of the management objectives by directing teams of students.

The theme they chose for this semester was “Bohemian” and this theme was reflected in the beautiful décor created by the students as well as the menu also planned by the students. The Diploma students were divided into certain departments and took the responsibility as managers to prepare, organise and perform this event. Throughout the entire process they received excellent and continues support from our Certificate and Postgraduate students. We would like to congratulate all of them for their amazing performance and contribution in creating another successful and memorable wedding event.


HTMi Team Finishes Rank 6 overall in European M Cup

HTMi Team Finishes Rank 6 overall in European M Cup

And rank 2 in the Final Presentation.

The only other Swiss Hotel School left in the top 9 was Ecole Hotelerie Lausanne

The final scores issued by the EM Cup organiser are below

WOW! to the HTMI EM Cup Team Congratulations to the EM Cup HTMI Team Mentors and coaches, Mr Lack and Tudor Campan and to our students Jenny Lin, Angela Athella, Nicole Pesantes and Karlo Solaric.

TOP 9 – Overall
1st Place – Shannon College of Hotel Management (Final Score = 8.37)
2nd Place – Vives – University of Applied Sciences (Final Score = 7.55)
3rd Place – University College of Northern Denmark (Final Score = 7.37)
4th Place – Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen (Final Score = 7.36)
5th Place – Budapest Business School – University of Applied Sciences (Final Score = 7.33)
6th Place – HTMi, Hotel & Tourism Management Institute Switzerland (Final Score = 7.31)
7th Place – University of Tartu Pärnu College ((Final Score = 7.28)
8th Place – University College Lillebaelt – UCL (Final Score = 7.11)
9th Place – Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (Final Score = 7.11)

Final Sales Pitch Presentation
1st Place – Shannon College of Hotel Management (Score Final Pitch = 8,53)
2nd Place – HTMi, Hotel & Tourism Management Institute Switzerland (Score Final Pitch = 7.60)
3rd Place – Vives – University of Applied Sciences (Score Final Pitch = 7,40)
4th Place – Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen (Score Final Pitch = 7.33)
5th Place – University of Tartu Pärnu College ((Score Final Pitch = 7,13)
6th Place – Budapest Business School – University of Applied Sciences (Score Final Pitch = 7,10)
7th Place – University College of Northern Denmark (Score Final Pitch = 6,91)
8th Place – Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (Score Final Pitch = 6,80)
9th Place – University College Lillebaelt – UCL (Score Final Pitch = 6,59)


Recruitment Week Spring 2019

HTMi Career Centre has commenced the Recruitment Week for the Spring semester of 2019.

On Monday 25th of February 2019, the team welcomed the first visitor “Harder Kulm Panorama Restaurant” to the HTMi campus in Soerenberg. Mr. Dieter Aegether the owner of the restaurant, shared his great experiences on how it is to work on top of Interlaken and the various features of the restaurant.

After the presentation, the interested students had the chance to do in person interviews with Mr. Aegether, who was impressed by the great enthusiasm shown by our students. Once again, HTMi Career Centre would like to thank Mr. Aegether for his visit and for the many opportunities he has given to our students throughout the past years.

As the Recruitment Week Spring 2019 continues, more exciting visits and opportunities will be unfolded, please stay tuned for further updates!

If you are interested to participate, please do not hesitate and contact us by email at [email protected]

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