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Bee Successful with Sörenberg Concepts

In the Fall 2018 semester, a group of Certificate students lead by Rastislav Pavlišin created a winning Sörenberg Concepts project. It all started with Rastislav’s father’s hobby, beekeeping, which he had been doing recreationally for the past three years. This influenced Rastislav to become more interested and aware of how bees are important for the world. That is when the idea sprung up and he wanted to bring this to peoples’ attention.

The group created a concept called “Beehive Garden & Café” and won first place in the Certificate Sörenberg Concepts competition. It was centred on bringing the importance of bees to the forefront. Having a honeycomb shaped building with its own garden and beehives on the rooftop where guests could take tours. Creating also a bee museum with plenty of different facts like ‘’Honeybee can flap its wings 230 times a second’’ and many more. Also having a souvenir shop where after a purchase guests would get a bee themed postcard they could directly send home through our bee post office. Let’s not forget the use of our own honey to create different F&B products for our customers.

During this time Rastislav’s father attended one of the largest Honey competitions in Moscow, Russia with almost 1,000 contestants where he won a gold medal for the best honey in the category of Light Coloured Honey in 2018. When Rastislav told his father that his team had won the Sörenberg Concepts competition he was really excited and after learning more about it he actually turned this concept into a reality. Putting eight beehives on a top of the NH Hotel Gate One Bratislava, Slovakia in his hometown. With the same purpose of bringing the attention and knowledge of how to ecologically care for the bees. Let’s not forget the marketing part where being named the first bee hotel in Bratislava created a big media coverage for the hotel. The hotel invites beekeepers from around Europe to see how they take care of their bees in Slovakia. Hotel guests can buy the honey, and it is also used in kitchen to make desserts and sauces, together with workshops, tours and of course their own honey products.

We at HTMi wish Mr. Rastislav Pavlišin the best of success with his business venture and also congratulate our students on developing concepts and thinking outside the box, and to quote Mr. Pavlišin “I am to see students thinking of the environment and the bees, and were happy to see this concept turned into reality”.

Ian Larmour, CEO HTMi


Ms. Borbala Busa – Her conduct towards guests, superiors and employees was impeccable at all times.

Ms. Borbala Busa, Food & Beverage Trainee at InterContinental Davos

We got to know Ms. Busa as an interested, hard-working, reliable and courteous intern who performed her duties independently and always to our full satisfaction. Mss. Busa always found meaningful and effective solutions even for difficult situations.

As far as the business fluctuation required it, it was always a natural thing for her to commit herself to work beyond the normal working hours. We especially appreciated her motivation and commitment, which she also demonstrated at many special events, such as the World Economic Forum.

Ms. Busa always worked in a team-oriented manner and was appreciated equally by our international guests, superiors and employees for her friendly and helpful manner.

We would like to thank her for her work and commitment during her internship and wish her all the best for her future career and for her private life.

Our house is open to her at any time.


Meet Swisstouches Robert

Meet Swisstouches Robert

Our new front office family member Robert can find his way to the elevator, programme your floor number , find your room, call your room telephone and invite you to open his belly door and deliver your ordered items. Along the way you can hear Robert saying “please don’t touch me I am busy” “excuse me can you make some space for me in the elevator “ and other amusing communications.

Robert is for sure not as attractive as our other family members but he is loved by them , and guests love Robert too.

AI @ Swisstouches ; Lead don’t follow, create don’t copy


Sergej Jezelev: Always sharp, with a big smile on his face!

Always sharp, with a big smile on his face 😁 This is one of our most charming teachers, Sergej Jezelev from Latvia. His field of expertise is Food & Beverage department, mostly referring to the ‘beverage’ part. A little tip for you; he’s a big fan of the sparkling wines! Sergej has been making a great impact in developing theoretical and practical subjects such as Bar & Beverage, F&B Management and Housekeeping. He is not a stranger to investing his free time into designing various workshops, which are contributing to students’ knowledge about cocktails, spirits, wines and cigars. We salute to Sergej for his hospitality and a great sense of humour 🥂.


Congratulations to Dean Bernie Quinn (PFHEA)

HTMi International Academic Director Bernie Quinn was today recognized as a Principal Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy (PFHEA). The recognition is of his own personal attainments against the ‘UK Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Learning Support in Higher Education’.

Mr. Quinn has been working over a period now of some 15 years in transnational education provision and international partnership developments. He has worked from the UK to Europe in such countries as Switzerland, Italy and Greece. His main sphere of operations however has been in South East Asia, mostly India, Nepal and Singapore where he is based as Academic Dean for HTMi’s school in the city centre. He also represents HTMi academic interests in Oceana region, Asia and the Middle East.

We at HTMi congratulate Bernie on this achievement and but as he says himself, “It’s not about me, its about the students from all around the world that we are privileged to help through their academic journey and set them up for the next stages for their working lives”.

Ian Larmour CEO HTMi


#FridayFeels at HTMi

Happy Friday, everyone! We could not wait any longer for #fridayfeels at HTMi. This week we wanted to give a big shout-out to @htmimit team for all the hard work they have been putting in since the check-in weekend, but also to thank them for organising this evening’s Swiss Cultural Evening. The second part of the evening will be followed by the MiT Welcome Party, which is taking place at THE BARBECUE PLACE. How much support can we all show in the comment section for these hard-working people? Comment below and we will pick the best comments and give FREE DRINK VOUCHERS for tonight’s event! Tag your colleagues to increase your chances of winning 🥂


Ms. Arman was appreciated for her many qualities.

Ms. Arman Ali, F&B trainee at W Hotel Verbier

As part of her internship Ms. Arman was trained in our bar. She gave us satisfaction in terms of work and conduct by welcoming the customers according to our standards, setting up and servicing. As a result, she was appreciated for her many qualities, her availability and her exemplary attitude towards our customers, her colleagues and her superiors.

Arman W Hotels

Last weekend in Lucerne

Last weekend we were in Lucerne capturing our favourite vibes of the city

Last weekend we were in Lucerne capturing our favourite vibes of the city. Everything about this city is music - the buildings, the lake, the mountains, the people… quite opposite sounds from our usual Swiss Alps corner. Thanks to such great location, the temperature in Lucerne is relatively higher than elsewhere in the country. Although it’s a predominantly German-speaking city, almost everybody speak English since there are so many tourists year-round. Did you also know that the whole canton Lucerne has the smallest tax rate in Switzerland? We are delighted to be located so close to the heart of Switzerland, yet be able to stay in calmness and keep working on excellence!

Posted by HTMi - Hotel and Tourism Management Institute, Switzerland. on Thursday, 22 August 2019

Swiss Cultural Evening at HTMi

Thank you to the staff members and MITs for organising a fantastic Swiss Cultural Evening. After a first week full of activities, the HTMi students had an opportunity to discover the charming culture of Switzerland through an interesting presentation, quiz, and delicious local Swiss cuisine while experiencing the famous Swiss Alphorn instrument.

It is a tradition at HTMi to organise each Friday evening a Cultural Evening, where different nationalities have the chance to showcase their fascinating cultures through informative presentations, local traditions and entertainment activities, as well as delicious and authentic cuisine. All this organised by the future managers of HTMi. We are all looking forward to the upcoming cultural evenings!

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