Fees, Details & Dates

Dear students and parents this on-line catalog gives you all the details you need to know to apply to HTMi. Having read all of the information in the HTMi website and brochures we welcome all qualified applicants. Places at HTMi are limited and we have two start dates each year at the end of January and end of August. The information below is about start dates, course fees, student deposit details bank details, application procedure and visas, arriving in Switzerland and cancellation / refund policy.

The information now applies to 2018.

Fees in Swiss Francs
Cert., Dipl.,
& High Dipl.,
Cert. Prof.
Diplomas in
Baking &
Pastry Arts
of Arts
Tuition 19,000 21,500 20,500 21,000 22,000 24,000 25,000
Food 2,250 2,250 2,250 2,250 2,250 2,250 2,250
Accommodation 2,250 2,250 2,250 2,250 2,250 2,250 2,250
Total fees per Programme 23,500 26,000 25,000 25,500 26,500 28,500 29,500
Optional Dissertation Course 11,000 11,000
Student Deposit* 3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000

*Student Deposit

The Student Deposit of CHF 3,000 is non-refundable, is additional to the fees and is to be paid for each of the 20 week academic semesters for Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Postgraduate Diploma, Masters and MBA programmes. The school will, at it’s discretion, charge to this account payments made for such things as: health insurance (which is compulsory in Switzerland); insurance in the school; use of textbooks and eBooks (an iPad mini with eBooks replaces textbooks for all courses) and class materials; registration fee; permit and visa fees (in Switzerland); minor breakages of crockery; contributions to school excursions; and Value Added Tax. The deposit does not cover negligent or wilful breakages or loss of school property, which will be charged at replacement cost.

The Student Deposit does not include health insurance during work placement in Switzerland, which is required by Swiss law. HTMi reserves the right to collect this from students prior to work placement. Students may apply to HTMi to pay this from work placement wages (approval at the discretion of HTMi).


The standard room rate of CHF2,250 for 20 weeks is for a shared room with wash basin and nearby shared bathroom. HTMi reserves the right to allocate this room type to each student, or students may apply to be upgraded on a “first come, first served” basis and subject to availability.

Upgrade Room Types Upgrade Supplement per Student
Superior room with bathroom, three students sharing (20 weeks) CHF 350
Superior room with bathroom, two students sharing (20 weeks) CHF 550
Single room, shared bathroom (20 weeks) CHF 800
Single room with bathroom (20 weeks) CHF 1,400

Starting Dates and Deadlines

TIMETABLE (HTMi has 2 start dates each year)

Academic Work Placement
Start End
22nd Jan. 2018 08th Jun. 2018 5-6 Months
13th Aug. 2018 16th Dec. 2018
21st Jan. 2019 06th Jun. 2019

Note: The semesters starting in January finish on the dates shown, when all students will check out except for BSc students who are still completing their exams.

Application Procedure and Visas

To apply, students must complete an HTMi application form and enclose: 5 passport size photographs; copies of school certificates or diplomas awarded; and work testimonials (if any). After receiving the application, HTMi may issue a Letter of Offer to the students. To receive the Letter of Acceptance, the student must then send the Student Deposit directly to HTMi. The Letter of Acceptance is used to apply for the visa.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • 100% refund of all fees and the Student Deposit, if 3 months or more notice is given by written fax to HTMi before the programme starts, (or if a student’s visa is refused).
  • 50% refund of all fees and the Student Deposit, if between 2 and 3 months notice is given by written fax to HTMi before the programme starts.
  • 10% refund of all fees and the Student Deposit if between 1 and 2 months notice is given by written fax to HTMi before the programme starts.
  • 0% refund of all fees and the Student Deposit received after the programme starts.
  • All refunds will be made with 30 days of notification of cancellation from the student.

Method of Payment

Direct Bank Transfer:

  • Account Number: 2096.8232.2001 CHF
  • IBAN Nr. CH86 0077 8209 6823 2200 1
  • Account Name / Beneficiary: “HTMi Switzerland AG”
  • Bank Address: Luzerner Kantonalbank, Luzern, Switzerland

Please ensure the bank indicates the student’s full name to facilitate payment verification.

Payments must be made in full in Swiss francs to the payment dates specified by HTMi.

Arrival in Switzerland

All courses start on a Monday. Students should plan to arrive one or two days in advance, either on the Saturday or the Sunday. Students will arrive either at Zürich Airport or Luzern Main Railway Station. If students inform the school about their date and time of arrival they will be met and transported to the school. If students arrive on the Saturday or Sunday before the school starts they will be picked up free of charge. If students arrive after the course starts they will be picked up at an extra charge which will be notified to them in advance. On arrival at HTMi, all students will be checked into their rooms and will be allowed to make a short telephone call, free of charge, to confirm to their parents their safe arrival in Switzerland.

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