“We got to know Ms. Le as a flexible, attentive and honest person who was friendly and professional at all times”

Ms. (Tessa) Anh Huong Trang Le, Food & Beverage Trainee at the First-Class Astoria Hotel in Luzern, Switzerland.

Ms. Le’s major areas of responsibility happened to be as a Food runner, Garderobe and back of house services. In a short time, Ms. Le learned all the necessary tasks and carried them out in a professional and efficient manner. She was a friendly, loyal and balanced intern.

Her cheerful and polite manner made her famous among our international guests and also our management staff. Her behaviour was impeccable and exemplary at all times.

Ms. Le left us at the end of her internship contract after having successfully completed her duties and responsibilities. We wish her only the best for her private and professional future. Our doors are always open for Ms. Le – –Alessandro Esposito (Restaurant Manager)