HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland and Chung Hua University Taiwan are delighted to announce the signing of a new partnership agreement to allow qualified students to progress with advanced standing on “2 plus 2” and “3 plus 1” pathways to enter the Bachelor Degree Programme at HTMi Switzerland, and gain combined three degrees in Hospitality from Ulster University, HTMi and Chung Hua University.

For a decade HTMi Switzerland and Chung Hua University have been Sister Schools with various collaborations involving staff and students, this partnership programme is designed to set an international path and platform for qualified students of global hospitality management.

Signing the partnership agreement are:

Prof Hsin-Wen Chang, Dean College of Tourism at Chung Hua University
Ian R J Larmour, CEO, HTMi International Development Group

Attended by :

Prof. Pei Ying Wu, Chung Hua University
Mr Jack Iveson, HTMi Switzerland

Organised and attended by:
Michelle Shih , Lincoln HTMi Taiwan.
Jennifer Kuo, Lincoln HTMi Taiwan
Jackson , Lincoln HTMi Taiwan