As part of Vision 2030, plan to diversify the economy, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has invested resources in hospitality and tourism infrastructure and training. Investing in education and work placement of Saudi nationals is a part of National initiative to meet the expectations of international business and leisure traveller.

We are proud to announce the agreement signed between Human Resource Development Fund HRDF and The Higher Institute for Tourism and Hospitality HTMi Saudi Arabia took place on Thursday 12/03/2020 at 12:00 PM at the HRDF centre in Riyadh. The agreement will allow 600 students to enrol in HTMi programme and embark on the journey “come as a student, become a manager” and to be placed in the industry upon the completion of the program.

Human Resources Development Fund is a national fund aiming to develop a sustainable domestic workforce which will lead to increased competitiveness of the national workforce in both, public and private sector. As a motive to partner with HTMi, the fund has specialised in skill development and employment programs provided by industry leaders, highly qualified staff through advanced information systems to exceed the expectations of employers and customers.

To ensure skills and competencies meet the requirements of the ever-changing hospitality industry, students will engage in Swiss traditional learning methods where apart from theoretical knowledge, Saudi nationals will have the opportunity to engage in practical training using latest equipment and technology to prepare them for the working environment.

Good luck to all the students and we wish them a warm welcome to the hospitality and tourism industry.

HTMi Saudi Arabia