“We met Jack as an interested, flexible, conscientious and resilient Guest Ambassador.”

Mr. Jack Nguyen, F&B Trainee at B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa, Zurich

Jack was always ready to learn new things and to put this knowledge into practice. After only a short training period, he was able to carry out his tasks independently  and at all times provided service, in terms of quality and quantity, to our complete satisfaction. We would particularly like to emphasize his flexibility and reliability. Jack was always ready to do more work when the workload was higher and also took on short-term assignments, which we greatly appreciated.

He worked properly and handled food, consumables, equipment and machinery with care.

Mr. Nguyen has a friendly appearance with good manners. Thanks to his helpful and pleasant nature, he was popular with both employees and supervisors. He integrated well into the B2 team.