HTMi’s Career Centre key objective for all students is “High Employer Satisfaction”. HTMi sees this as the key barometer of its reputation with employers.

During 2018 and 2019 HTM’s Research carried out qualitative and quantitative research by analysing the content of employer references given to students, and work evaluations required by HTMi. This research also looked at the progression over time. The key results are:

HTMi students are held in high regard by employers, with 86.3% of employers took the time to provide personalised references, while the rest were generic.

The most common forms of feedback recorded in employers’ references mentioned “ independence. , flexibility, politeness, punctuality, appropriate grooming, honesty and integrity,”

The words “ to our full satisfaction” and similar endorsements of HTMi students appear In over 80% of reference letters.

68.2 % of employers specifically mention in the references that they will in future be ready to rehire the students

HTMi provided all employers with a Likert scale and key criteria to rate overall satisfaction, the result is 5.3 overall out of a maximum 6. Overall 88.3% satisfaction level.

Research synopsis by Linda Quinn and Tudor Campan, HTMi Research Centre, November 2019