Following the great success of the Swiss Education Fair, Taiwan held at the W Hotel Taipei on 19th October 2019, HTMi Swiss hospitality school signed an MOU to support the internationalisation in Taiwan education, and the hospitality industry sector.

Pictured is HTMi CEO, Mr Ian Larmour with Deputy Mayor Linghu (in the middle) and Director-General Yang of Education bureau ( on the right), Taichung City government.

Following this, HTMi Switzerland representatives Ian Larmour, Andy Kurfurst, and Taiwan Representatives Michelle Shih and Jennifer Kuo toured Taiwan signing multiple MOUs with leading schools, culinary arts exchanges. Finally, they returned to the W hotel to take part in a Swiss- Taiwan hospitality and tourism exchange forum.

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勁報∕臺灣上課拿外國文憑 中市教育局與國際名校簽MOU

指傳媒∕台灣上課拿外國文憑 中市教育局與國際名校簽MOU



台灣好新聞∕拿外國文憑不用出國 中市與國際名校簽MOU推雲端英語學堂


台中日報∕台灣上課拿外國文憑! 教育局與國際名校簽MOU


Mr Larmour speech at VIP event for future Business strategy
Meeting President of CHU discuss further partnership strategy
Demo at partnership school
HTMi Taiwan alumni help Chef Andy Demo
Chef Andy Demo at Partnership school
Chef Andy Demo at Partnership school in Taiwan
Chef Andy Demo at Partnership school in Taiwan