Ms. Borbala Busa, Food & Beverage Trainee at InterContinental Davos

We got to know Ms. Busa as an interested, hard-working, reliable and courteous intern who performed her duties independently and always to our full satisfaction. Mss. Busa always found meaningful and effective solutions even for difficult situations.

As far as the business fluctuation required it, it was always a natural thing for her to commit herself to work beyond the normal working hours. We especially appreciated her motivation and commitment, which she also demonstrated at many special events, such as the World Economic Forum.

Ms. Busa always worked in a team-oriented manner and was appreciated equally by our international guests, superiors and employees for her friendly and helpful manner.

We would like to thank her for her work and commitment during her internship and wish her all the best for her future career and for her private life.

Our house is open to her at any time.