On 8th August 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, HTMi Managing Director, Mr. Ian Larmour signed an academic MOU with Mr. Timothy A Bulow, Chief Executive Officer, INTI International University & Colleges, for all 6 INTI Colleges and Universities in Malaysia to provide student progression to HTMi Switzerland. We are delighted with the foundation of this important partnership and look forward to developing our relationship with INTI in future.

Spanning across Central, North and East Malaysia, INTI International University and Colleges was founded over 30 years ago and is a leading provider of quality education, offering the widest array of pathways to graduate success. Over the years, we have formed solid ties with top tier universities and key industry players to ensure that the rights skills and winning spirit are instilled in our graduates.

A key differentiator at INTI is that our students are part of the world’s largest operator of private universities, Laureate International Universities. Providing a new dimension to INTI’s programmes, the prestigious network of Laureate International Universities opens new frontiers for students through its emphasis on career-focused programmes and internationalism, which is a common thread across the countries it operates in.

Every year, INTI students work to provide solutions for over 50 industry projects presented by large corporations and attends over 20 lectures by distinguished speakers, setting a new benchmark for the Malaysian education sector. The latest teaching methodologies and technologies, along with experiential learning is applied at all INTI campuses, while courses and subjects are constantly updated to meet the evolving global market needs.

HTMi International Development Group – South East Asia Division