The HTMi Career Centre wishes to share yet another excellent update Tiffany Shih our successful MSc student. Tiffany recently started her exciting and final internship with Hotel Krebs Interlaken ( We all wish Tiffany the very best with her continued success with this new position, this will definitely be a valuable experience and add to her career portfolio.

Please read her story so far:

At the beginning of my internship at the Hotel Krebs in Interlaken, I thought it will be impossible for me to adapt into the new and demanding working environment. But after just few day, with the support of my direct supervisor and team, I found out that I was wrong. I assimilated into the daily working routine well and made a good relationship with all my colleagues and the other 2 trainees, which are working with me. People at the Hotel Krebs are caring and support me with advice, how to handle challenging situations with guests and in general how to work under stress. I would recommend this type of experience to every student who wants to become successful in the Hotel and Tourism Industry.

The Career Centre is very proud yet again to share more and more Internship and Graduate news each week. Best regards from all the HTMi team.