Warm Greetings from Zurich!

My name is Teodora Alcheva and I have been very lucky to be part of the HTMi family for 5 semesters. I have graduated with a BSc Level and have also gone trough MIT program in Events Management. Through the years of training, learning, developing new skills HTMi has helped me to understand better the field of Hospitality and the importance of patience in dealing with it.

I have had great support not only to learn but also to practice every small bit of knowledge. I have built a CV that stand behind me in a strong and secure manner. Currently I am representing HTMi by being part of the pre-opening team of Kameha Grand Zurich. It is a great opportunity for me and sometimes we get only one chance to participate in something so big and be there for the first steps of a business.

Kameha Grand Zurich is a Lifestyle hotel, where a lot of attention is paid on generosity! The CEO Herr Carten Rath is a grand hotelier with experience in being a host and being a guest of great hosts. He has made a clear version of what this amazing business should represent and in Kameha Grand every day we are being trained and observed, however given the freedom to surprise, understand and welcome our guests not like in a 5 star hotel, but like in our home!

I am thankful to the HTMi team for making this dream coming true and for supporting me along the road!