Hello, My Name is Ritwik Gautam and I started my academic journey with HTMi in fall 2012, when I got enrolled into Diploma level, and recently in December 2014 I have graduated with BSc (Hons) in International Hospitality Management.

After my first internship with Kramer Gastronomie in Zurich, currently I am working as Night Audit intern at Hotel Postillon Buochs, which is a 4 star property located in central Switzerland. Now I am about to finish my 6 months internship period at this place, and it is for the very first time that I had been working in one of the most disliked graveyard shifts within hospitality industry. To be honest yes, it is difficult to work during these hours, however it does teaches you many things, which one can rarely experience or go through during other shifts.

In the beginning I doubted my decision to work here, but now towards the end I can undeniably say that it was a correct decision. Therefore I would like to mention that, “It is challenging position, but at same time I have definitely learned a lot from it, and things such as sense of responsibility, confidence of working independently and being vigilant at work will for sure help me in future”.

Hence as last words to current and future students of HTMi, who will soon go for their internships would be. In starting things might appear tough or you will be completely out of your comfort zone, but as you overcome these challenges, you will definitely realize the difference in you both as an individual and as a professional as well.

Good Luck!!

Best Regards,
Ritwik Gautam

Ritwik Gautam