Every semester the students of HTMi take their corporate social responsibility seriously as future hospitality leaders, and make a choice towards supporting a charity project. During the semester different initiatives and events are organised to raise funds. For many years HTMi has been a long-time supporter of Save the Children Foundation, and we believe that this organisation is doing a great service for mankind by fighting for the righteous causes all around the globe and trying to change it for the better.

The first project this semester (Spring 2015) was developed around Valentine’s Day. The current Higher Diploma class planned carefully every aspect of this initiative and took care of running the whole project. They prepared a great selection of gifts such as roses, candy boxes or cards specially delivered by Cupid, for students or staff members who wanted to make a surprise for their Valentine or just to be part of the charity. They used different marketing channels to reach the people and make them aware of the supported organisation, the strongest message being provided by playing the video of #BeASuperhero! charity campaign in front of all students and teachers.

Additionally, posters were placed around the campus and a Facebook group was created in order to better promote this initiative (https://www.facebook.com/beasuperherohtmi?fref=ts). The most complex part of the whole project was the Valentine’s Day dinner, for which students had the opportunity to book their place and enjoy the evening in a relaxing and quiet atmosphere which included live music and special performances.

Taking into consideration that it was only the first charity project developed by the Higher Diploma class, the current semester will bring along many other interesting initiatives addressed to students and having as main target the support of Save the Children Foundation’s campaign #BeASuperhero!. Some initiatives that already proved to be extremely popular among students, such as Casual Days or Cupcake Sales will be organized in the upcoming weeks, together with others that include a Sledging Evening, Wine and Cheese and Hotpot weekends, and Ironing days.

We thank the staff and students of HTMi for their incredible support of all the charity initiatives.

Anthony Lack, HTMi Training & Events Manager, February 2015