I’m Matthias from Hungary, and I was one of the brave ones, who decided to move to Norway for an internship after my HD course. I’m currently working in the Sales and Marketing department at the Fursetgruppen restaurant group, what consists of more than 20 really high quality restaurants, cafes and catering businesses. It is AWESOME, but I would like to discuss here a few points, what I consider important about my job and my overall stay in Norway:

It is cold! And when I say cold, I do not mean it’s chilly here. The weather during winter is damn freezing! Get a fluffy jacket and a pair of gloves.

If you appreciate beauty, this country is for you. Not only the landscape, the architecture of Oslo is mind-blowing. I believe I do not have to emphasise the presence pretty blonde women, you should be all aware of the Scandinavian situation.

If you think an office job is boring and it’s not for you, IT IS FOR YOU! PERIOD. You have to develop a ‘stand up an stretch your back a little bit’ routine though. Sitting the whole day kills.

If you are creative enough, they will let you embrace it. It took me a bit of time till I proved the quality of the skills I’ve listed on my CV, but after that, I’m basically working free on a given tasks with flexible deadlines. It is great, that the way I get stuff done is totally up to me. Makes you feel like you matter.

Fursetgruppen takes good care of you. Sometimes, when I’m working hard the whole day, and they didn’t hear my voice in the office for a few hours, my manager used to pat my shoulder and send me to take a break of take me out for lunch. They make sure, I always have something to do, but never get stressed.

Doing something for living what you enjoy (photography in my case) makes an extremely significant difference in how you feel about your job, undeniably affects your overall happiness. It makes me wake up fresh in the morning and smile when I get to work. I’ve probably never felt this way and it’s all due to the job I do, the conditions I’m working in and the people I’m working with.

I would like to recommend Norway and the Fursetgruppen to everyone, who is looking for a great internship. Escaping from the Swiss hierarchic workplaces into a fresh and lively community, thirsting for fresh ideas and young creatives is just the change I needed. Maybe you need it too.

Matthias Maraczi