Greetings everyone,

I am Bence Molnar from Hungary, and I am writing these lines to share my memorable experiences with You fellow, or future students, which could have never happened without HTMi, and the dedication and the great support of the teaching faculty and the staff.

Having completed already four semesters, and just freshly graduated with a scholarship from the Manager in Training course, those valuable management perspectives and life lessons, which I gained from learning and working, guiding, and being guided by countless cultures and nationalities throughout school time, and internships truly shaped my personality and life in the most desirable way. Through HTMi I have made everlasting friendships, and a string of networks, which is highly valuable in this field. My education has prepared me to become a leader in this ever improving, challenging, tough, but most importantly beautiful and prestigious hospitality industry, which I am grateful and glad to be part of.

I had the pleasure to work in various 5-star hotels, the Marriott in Zurich, the Savoy Baur En Ville in Zurich, and the Dukes Hotel in London. Each one of them gave me new ideas, new skills, new experiences and new friends. Through the HTMi mentor-ship in the Manager in Training program, I am honored to become a member of the Four Season’s family by joining one of their flagship hotels for a year in Miami, the United States (

This AAA, five diamonds luxury hotel with its 240 meters is the tallest building in the whole of Florida State, and promises to give me an exceptionally memorable year. I am very excited the start this new chapter of my life, I feel like I am on the right track pursuing my career goals, and I am prepared, motivated, and first of all happy! For all these wonderful years behind, and ahead of me, I owe an enormous thank you to my family, and everyone at HTMi, who supported me along the way, especially the leadership team of the MiT program.

Best regards,

Bence Molnar